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Sport-collect.club understands the need to collect exciting and unique cards, we passionately search high and low for the different major categories of sports collectible cards that are available world-wide - we collect and appreciate their aesthetic and historical value and have compliled an exclusive collection which is frequently updated here on our online store.  We welcome browsers whom are relative newcomers whom are collecting for a hobby to serious long term collectors.  We look to show major categories of all sport related playing cards, from rare or hard to find decks to beautifully illustrated works of art.  Are you looking for that perfect give in 2015 for a friend, family member or perhaps a loved one?  Perhaps you are just looking to spoil yourself or add to your collection, well then look no further then Sport-collect.club where you can relax and peruse online our huge selection of sport collectible card decks.

Determining the value of decks of cards?

What makes one deck of cards more valuable and more collectible than another is very subjective.  The bottom line, however is, simply the law of supply and demand.  Among the things that determine value are helpfully listed below:



Generally, the older a deck of cards, the more valuable it is.  It is just to be expected that, as with any collectible, older decks are fewer in number and harder to find.  This is not to say that just because a deck of cards is old, it is worth something - this thought should be kept in mind.


Limited Issue: 

Sometimes there were only a limited number of sme decks of cards ever printed.  This is especially true for souvenir decks intended to commemorate a specific event, such as a world’s fair, the end of a war, a milestone, anniversary etc.


Quality of manufacture 

Product quality applies to playing cards as it does to most everything else.  All other things being equal, an elegant, well-made deck of cards will always be worth more than a deck of lesser quality.


A brief history of sports collectible cards 

Twenty to thirty years ago, hobby shops carried mostly baseball cards as well as a few basketball, football and hockey cards.  Since then, professional athlete strikes, collectible card games, and advances in card printing technology has changed the focus of card collecting. The history of collectible cards is joined at the history of America’s national pastime, baseball.  Baseball is deeply rooted in American culture, and baseball cards have been there from the start

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